An idea is the beginning of every creation and product. Here, we discuss and validate our ideas. Talk about what problem the idea could solve and evaluate market demand.


Building products is a lot harder than just making a hobby prototype. You will need various skills (electrical, mechanics, IT, materials, manufacturing, etc.) that are hard to learn alone. Everybody has an area where s/he is an expert in. If we combine all those areas in this community and share our knowledge, then building products becomes way easier.


5uperMakers don’t just want to build, they want to sell. Here we talk about how to raise money, marketing, customer service and payment related topics.


Best ways to ship your product to the customer is what we talk about here. Shipping should be cheap, fast and reliable. That’s hard to achieve and needs expertise. Tax, regulations, different carriers, packaging, etc are all questions that depend on you and your product. Let’s find answers to these questions together!

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