A social network just for emojis


Emojis are a way to communicate feelings. It’s also the most minimal way that you can communicate something to another person without using text or pictures/videos.

The model of Twitter

Twitter is also a social media platform based on minimal text and pictures/videos to go along with it. I it that Twitter limits the tweet length. It forces you to make short bold statements and focus on clarity.

An emotional rollercoaster

At least for me Twitter feels like an emotional rollercoaster. A mix of emotional statements from all over the world. It numbs me and often even drags my mood down.

1 Post 1 Emoji

How about a network with only emojis? A lot of the unnecessary text in tweets would be gone. People could still communicate their message via attachments (e.g blog posts, etc.).


1 Post consists of 1 Emoji and 1 Attachment (picture, video, gif, etc.). You could also “share/retweet”. Instead of a “like” I think an “agree” or “don’t agree” would be better. Maybe in the form of :white_check_mark: and :x:


It would cut all unnecessary text. Most users probably want to share content anyway. You could filter all received posts based on emotions. Let’s say you want to feel happy - choose a happy emoji as a filter :smile: . You want to laugh - choose :joy:. Wanna hear touching stories choose :heart_eyes:

I don’t think this idea has already grown enough.


  • How much effort would it be to implement a minimum prototype solution? Are there any webdevs here? 1 week? 1 month?
  • What would you do with the digital data that is embedded in posts. Do you know how Twitter solves that? Would I need to store it on my server?
  • What do you think about the idea? Are you still entertained by Twitter’s rollercoaster?


Not the best idea since EU changes their copyright law…and those might affect social networks pretty hard :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s going to be really interesting how facebook and twitter deal with this. Because the EU basically states that you are not allowed to share an article or picture from another blog/newspaper. Only hyperlinks and individual words for description…that pretty much breaks any social network sharing platform lol :boom: