Becoming a 5uperMaker!


:muscle:Awesome that you decided to join us and become a 5uperMaker! Woohoo!! :heart_eyes::rocket:

Here is a little :building_construction:blueprint on how to start your journey as a 5uperMaker.

1. Start interacting :heart_eyes:

In the beginning you might not have a project ready and first want to learn the ropes first. Don’t hesitate to interact with others though. It’s crucial that you ask questions, but also comment and help other people out. Interaction and support is the core of 5uperMakers after all.

2. Test your ideas :bulb:

Next, start asking for feedback on your next project/product ideas. Don’t worry about telling others about your ideas. No matter how incredible special and unique your idea might seem to you, it’s likely somebody else on this planet had this idea already before you. Why isn’t there a product like it on the market then? Because seldom the idea alone is enough, there is a lot more to do and know until you have a finished product.

3. Build :hammer_and_wrench:

Before you can sell or ship a product, you first must be able to build it. Building it can have many forms. Maybe you do all the engineering and manufacturing work yourself (DIY). Just remember that you can only be exceptional at a limited number of skills. So, don’t waste effort in areas where you suck, rather ask another 5uperMaker for help. You can either outsource it to a 5uperMaker, freelancer or company or just ask for advice about a certain topic. Don’t be afraid to collaborate!

4. Launch it! :rocket:

Once you reach a point where you would like to get some publicity (marketing, funding, per-orders, etc.) set up a landing page (like Create a topic in the category #sell to ask for feedback on the landing page. Give us (the staff and @Pascal) a couple days and we will link your landing page on and promote it via our social media channels. Make sure you setup an email newsletter service, so you can gather people who are interested in your product.

Keep the hype going

Keep pushing and interacting in the forum. If you reached this point, then you’ll soon be ready to ship your products to customers and earn money. First blood! :trophy:

Featuring your products on the 5uperMakers community website is only to leverage social influence the 5uperMakers platform has and use it to make your product succeed. However, you are responsible for your product, all legal details and deadlines. We also don’t own any part of your product design. It’s truly yours only! It’s a catalog with products 5uperMakers have built together.

Welcome to 5uperMakers!