Emotional sensation through text messages


No, I’m not talking about the erotic market here :yum:


Traditionally, we use either a ringtone or vibration to get notified of calls or text messages. The ringtone is annoying and embarrassing in certain situations. Vibration is not always noticed.


What if in todays cold world, we’d have a way to transfer emotion via the phone to someone dear e.g. family, friends, etc.


It would be an armband type of product. It would contain several actuators (e.g. soft/hard etc. vibration, heat generation, cold temperature generation, etc.). There would be an app so people can send one type of such an “emotion” to their counterparts. Maybe you would always have to “pair” first to be allowed to send a message to someone. Like a real social exchange.
Another use could also be to set different notification settings via the app. E.g for the girlfriend a certain type, family, friends, etc.

What do you think about it? I guess the difficulty here would be how to pack all the actuators in a small casing. Plus how to make it feel special. That’s really important.