Gameboy, QR-code distribution of games


I’ve always wanted to get into the gaming industry. I also think that social features are almost a must for any product today.

So my idea was to create a portable small gaming console. E.g. like a gameboy.

The user can play games on that console. The games are encoded via QR-code printed (with any home printer) on a piece of paper.

I find the idea of the QR code distribution of games pretty cool…However, I can’t really find any reason why someone wouldn’t just use a memorystick or SD-card lol.

Maybe another idea could be that the goal of the console wasn’t mainly to play games but to create new games/levels and then distribute it via QR? Maybe new items? Every Item a QR.

So that basically items would be super super customized (by every user) and therefore rare -> much reason to share QR codes.

That would require a complicated system to allow users to develop ever new item combinations…

What do you think about this idea? Does it have any value?