I'm Pascal (Introduction)


Hey everybody,

Well…I’m the first 5uperMaker or actually the first/only person in this forum right now. So it naturally feels weird to write this :joy:. But, it’s similar when you start to do live streams.

I believe to really get something going you just have to start. Like when trying to build an oasis. You need to walk into desert, start building and then yell, so that people will hear you and come to settle in the oasis.

I’m Pascal, an electrical engineer, and live in Switzerland. I’m 27 years old. I started my journey to create my own products in February 2018. Since then I’ve been working on my first product. I worked really hard on the technology for my first product but also on learning how to market and sell it in the future.

Some of this work has already paid off, some hasn’t so far and I’ve also wasted time along the way. I created this forum based on my experience that we are a thousand times stronger when can work as a group. Feedback is probably the most needed and most overlooked part in every product development. That’s one of the huge lessons I learned while streaming +500h on Twitch.

I believe that many of you have the same dream that I have. That’s why I created 5uperMakers, to increase the odds for all of us. By bundling our knowledge and power and also have fun along the way :slight_smile: