Looking for a tool to write a specification sheet


I’m looking for a tool/database to write down specifications

When doing a project it’s always a good idea to write down what specifications the implementation should fulfill.

Here are the features I’m looking for:

  • Freeware or very cheap
  • Linking of specification points
  • Support images and media
  • Ideally also the ability to add comments
  • Export to pdf
  • Different levels e.g Software, System, Mechanical, etc.
  • Easy to use

Maybe a database would be a good idea…but I’ve got no clue about databases…


Might have just found the solution to this myself :yum:

I figured using gitlab issues to represent requirements would work quite well.

  • You can link between issues with: #245 or the related issues feature
  • You can comment on each issue
  • It’s easy to collaborate with 3rd parties and freelancers
  • In the paid starter plan, you can also export all issues to csv. E.g. generate a PDF with tables from the .csv
  • Easy sorting with labels: System, Hardware, Mechanical requirement, etc.
  • The paid starter plan also has multiple issue boards. This let’s you have an issue board for each requirement category: System, Hardware, Software, etc.

Link to sub requirements

Link to subrequirements e.g. from a System Requirement to Hardware Requirements with related issues:

The weight feature is also perfect, so a contractor can actually fill out how much it will cost him to implement a requirement.

Link to repository content

Often in Requirements you will have 3rd party documents that are in Microsoft Word or any other format. It’s very easy and straight forward to add such documents to the repository and then link it in an issue/requirement.