Outsourcing embedded development


For my newest product in development (Moment-Rec) I’m looking for contractors/freelancers to take care of the final Hardware and Embedded Software development.


I don’t mind where the contract design house or freelancer is located. Specification and commenting would be done via my privately hosted gitlab platform. More important than your location are trust, experience and price


I will send you a summary of the full specification. I’d like you to make a first offer based on this information.


The full specification will be available through my privately hosted gitlab server (I will send you a login). You can comment on requirements and update your progress (requirement weight, milestones, etc.)


What needs to be done

  • Circuit design (reuse prototype circuit, library parts, add new circuits)
  • Layout (completely new layout, we have to make it smaller, 4-6 layer board, double sided assembly)
  • Design for Manufacturing (arrange manufacturing, production tests, box assembling, I can also help here)
  • Certification (you have to make sure your design passes the required certification tests (check spec…e.g. CE, FCC, UL)
  • Component sourcing (price sensitive product)

Embedded Software

  • ARM cortex m4 (nrf52832)
  • Nordic SDK
  • Preferably use FreeRTOS
  • BLE communication with an Android App (including firmware update DFU)
  • Low Power design
  • Audio, DSP and compression

Note, first prototype hardware and software exists.
Note, English must be good enough for reasonable collaboration to work


If you’re a design house or freelancer, just reply below. I’ll get back to you and add you to the list.

Here’s what I’ve found based on my own research so far. I’ll update this list based on your recommendation :smiley:. Grouped into countries:





Do you know other contract engineering companies or freelancers?


Also here are some pictures of the prototype


TitoMa (Time to Market) is also a company who is doing development of electronics. https://www.titoma.com

They are specifically focused on manufacturing in China. And they are located in the USA but have a couple offices in other countries.