Welcome to 5uperMakers!


We’re a community of makers who build, market and sell our own products. Creating your own product is very tough. It’ll require everything you’ve got and more! That’s why we use this forum to help each other, give feedback, advice and collaborate. Join 5uperMakers today and start to change the world with your own products.

Why would you want to create products?

A creation and also a product is about solving a problem. It’s about making you and other people happier. By creating products you can impact the lifes of thousands of people. Creating products means giving other people more options to choose from. You can :sparkles:entertain, :shield:protect, :inbox_tray: inform, :bulb:inspire, :earth_africa:connect, :writing_hand:teach, :muscle:help and :open_umbrella:save other people!

We need you!

Whether you know it or not, you are a gifted Maker who has specialized expertise and access to a vast network of smart people. You probably think I’m kidding but I’m not! We’re all good in a handful of things and suck at most other things in life. We all have family, friends, acquaintances who are in turn good in a handful of things and suck otherwise. Here at 5uperMakers, we combine all the handful of talents each of us has and erase the countless areas we suck at. Together we can create a community of avid 5uperMakers, creating products to make this world a better place. But, we need you and your expertise, creativity, your unique personality and your network of friends and family!

Join us, become a 5uperMaker and change the world! :rocket:

:white_check_mark: One you joined make sure you read Becoming a 5uperMaker!